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Dr. Mandy smiling with baby patient

Chiropractic Care in Bismarck

Dr. Mandy Dietz sees patients of all ages from our community and Mandan & Lincoln. Whether you’re looking for care for your newborn infant, support through your pregnancy, or a chiropractor for yourself or your child, our office is able to identify the appropriate specialized care for your family. Our chiropractor is trained in various adjusting techniques and is able to use the best techniques that will get the best results for your unique needs. Dr. Mandy always provides care that’s customized to each patient based off of years of experience and specialized training.

Helping Scoliosis Patients Find Hope

If you or a loved one has scoliosis, we offer solutions here at Life Expressions Family Chiropractic. Bismarck Dr. Mandy Dietz provides advanced scoliosis care, which includes a specialized clinical approach that gives patients the tools to make positive changes both at home and in the clinic. Part of the scoliosis treatment recommendations may include bracing using ScoliBrace™ which is a three-dimensional, over-corrective brace.

Chiropractic adjusting alone typically does not offset moderate to severe scoliosis in a way that effectively provides correction or prevents progression. However, by combining specific chiropractic adjusting techniques with the most advanced corrective techniques of ScoliBrace and Chiropractic BioPhysics®, significant correction may be achievable. Each case is very individualized and we encourage you to contact us for more information.