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Chiropractic Care

Dr Mandy adjusting patientChiropractic care focuses on the spine and nervous system, removing interference so patients experience better health and are better able to handle stress.

“Chiropractic increases your capacity to function and heal, be healthier, have a fuller life and get more benefit from your activities,” said Dr. Mandy.

Help for All Ages and Stages

Whether we’re seeing a 40-year-old avid CrossFitter, a pregnant patient, a child with ear infections, an adult with long standing scoliosis or a teenager with a new scoliosis diagnosis, chiropractic care is beneficial. By reducing nervous system interference, patients of all ages can enjoy greater function, less pain, more energy and optimal health.

CLA INSiGHT™ Technology

Life Expressions Family Chiropractic tailors care for each patient based on their exam, assessment, and functional scans so it is very individualized. We use the state-of-the-art, non-invasive, CLA INSiGHT technology. This scan tells us how muscles, nerves and overall body function are doing. Recommendations for chiropractic care are based in part on these functional assessments and tailored to the initial assessments and continued progress evaluations so that care is always individualized. These functional scans are safe to perform during pregnancy, can be used with newborns and gives valuable information to how your body is responding and not only how you’re feeling.

Prenatal Care

We love helping moms-to-be enjoy the happy and healthy pregnancy they deserve. Our care recommendations are always based on how their body is handling the changes that come throughout pregnancy, what their scans show and what’s going on in their life.

Pregnancy chiropractic care care can help moms be more comfortable throughout pregnancy and have fewer aches and pains that everybody says are normal. Chiropractic can also help a baby get into the optimal head-down birth position. Chiropractic care can help women have shorter, easier births that benefit both mom and baby.

Pediatric Care

Kids of all ages can benefit from gentle chiropractic care. When interference is removed from a child’s nervous system through chiropractic adjustment, they can enjoy optimal health. Pediatric chiropractic can address common childhood conditions, such as colic, reflux, torticollis, ear infections, digestive issues, sleeping issues and more. Babies can have pain and discomfort just like adults, only they can’t communicate like we can and it often results in discontent babies that are difficult to lay down, having difficulting sleeping and settling, experience trouble eating and other symptoms. Getting your baby checked for nervous system interference can be extremely beneficial for the whole family.

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